Ready or Not


Ready or Not - Featuring Dave Fields and Hurricane Bob


The Band:  Dave Fields - Guitar/Vocals, Andy Palmer - Bass, Hurricane Bob Alfano - Harmonica, Dave Moore - Drums

Recorded "Live" at Bogey's Sports Pub, Clifton, NJ.  The band was formed on short notice for "One Night Only" in July of 2004. Having not played together for over five years, three of the original members of Groove Chemistry went into this gig totally cold. No rehearsal. No set list. We didn't even have a name for the band.  With the help of a few close friends, lots of improvisation, and a huge amount of alcohol, a great time was had by all.

Understandably, none of the songs were perfect, but for every part of a song that was ruined by us screwing around, there was another part that really shined. Thanks to Al Weber, who surprised us by setting up his 24 track digital recording system, the entire night was recorded direct to hard drive. In the following days, Al took the raw audio files back to his studio in Nutley where he re-mixed and produced the CD appropriately named "Ready or Not" (here we come).   Is it art, or is it insanity? You be the judge. 

For more audio and video visit the Hurricane Bob MySpace site.