Millionaire Trivia Game Show
Created by Hurricane Graphics - Copyright


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The Millionaire Trivia Game Show is a computer game that mimics the popular TV show "Who wants to be a millionaire".   You won't actually win a million dollars, but you will put your trivia knowledge to the test in a variety of subjects.

As the Flash Demo Illustrates, a question appears on the screen with four possible answers.  The timer is set to 30 seconds, the user selects an answer by clicking on it (or press the appropriate keyboard key, then press enter).   You can change your selection as many times as you want.   If you have selected the right answer when the clock runs out, you move on, if not, the game is over.

If you aren't sure which answer to select, there are three "lifelines" available.  

  • The "50/50" lifeline, blasts two of the wrong answers from the screen like shards of broken glass (as seen in the flash demo).
  • The "Ask the Audience" lifeline, displays survey results from a group of 100 people that responded to the current question.  
  • The "Pass" lifeline, allows the player to skip the current question, and move on to the next one without any penalty.

If you get 15 questions in a row correct, you win the game, and enter your name in the "High Score Table".   The faster you answer the questions, the more bonus points you earn.  

Click Here to View the HG Millionaire Trivia Game Show Demo

The "Evaluation Version" of this computer game, with one question file can be downloaded for FREE by contacting Hurricane Graphics.  Additional question file modules in various subjects are available for $5 each.   For information on how you can write your own trivia questions for custom files that will work with the HG Millionaire Trivia Game, contact Hurricane Graphics.