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All of the CDs shown here were designed by Hurricane Graphics, and feature Hurricane Bob Alfano on Harmonica.  The Why 2K CD was recorded live at Tierney's Tavern in Montclair New Jersey in 1999. The music style is funky rock and blues. Why 2K originally consisted of Dave Fields and Leo Jordan on guitar, Ted Whitmore on Bass, Ken Serio on Drums and Hurricane Bob Alfano on Harmonica. After a while, Andy Palmer took over on Bass, and Ray Lavier took over on Drums. Some of the Why 2K cover songs include: For what it's worth, Rocky Mountain Way, Dock of the bay and Mercy Mercy Mercy. Just after New Years in 2000, Kevin Brennan joined the band singing Lead vocals. It was at that time we decided to officially change the name of the band from Why 2K to Groove Chemistry (since the year 2000 hype was over).

With the addition of Kevin Brennan on vocals, Groove Chemistry took a soulful turn while still retaining our funky rock and blues feel. Some of the cover songs on the Groove Chemistry CD - Mixin it up are: An impromptu version of Jingle Bell Blues, Feelin Alright and Drift Away.

Like most bands, the members eventually all went their separate ways, but a few of us got back together a few years later in the summer of 2004, and played a gig at Bogey's Sports Pub in Clifton, New jersey. The band consisted of three of the original members of Groove Chemistry, Dave Fields, Andy Palmer and Hurricane Bob Alfano. We were joined by Dave Moore on drums, and we recorded the entire night, from which we took selected songs and created the Ready or Not CD. With this lineup, the band had a more rock oriented sound featuring cover songs like Black Magic Woman, Desperado, Sweet Home Alabama, an original song written by Dave Fields called the Rabbi Blues, and an interesting segway from La Bamba to The Joker.

Dave Fields has written and produced many original songs as well.  You can learn more about The Dave Fields Band at Fields Music Website.  In order to promote his latest CD, Times's a Wastin, Dave asked Hurricane Bob Alfano to play harmonica with the band at the CD release party at The Cutting Room in New York City.  You can view the videos of the first two songs from the CD, Let's Get Shakin and Keep it Up - Johnny Walker Black.   

The lil bastad CD cover was designed by Hurricane Graphics (as well as the original website) the style is authentic blues. The tunes were studio recorded and features Mark Bowers on guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals, Luke Michura played one or two rythm guitar tracks, and Hurricane Bob Alfano played the harmonica solo on Hidaway. Other tracks from the lil bastad CD include Paying the Cost to Be the Boss, I Wonder, Come and Get Your Love and Led Better Heights.

The Naughty Boys were a classic rock band consisting of Doug Macko and Mark Ficken on guitar, Roger Astudio on Bass, Billy Winters on Drums, and of course Hurricane Bob Alfano on Harmonica. Tunes include Get Ready, Smokin in the Boy's Room, We Gotta Get Out of this Place, Here Comes My Girl, Lie to Me, Move it on Over and Evil Ways.

Doug Macko, Mark Ficken and Billy Winters later formed an original band called The Sign of Four. The sound was considerably harder rock. The CD cover was designed by Hurricane Graphics, and Hurricane Bob played a quick harmonica solo on one of the original songs.

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